Migraine/Headache Therapy Device


Mechanism of Action:

In related research, PhysioCue has discovered that, when our patented, controlled cold-tip and micro-vibration therapy device is applied to the lateral temporal zone of the forehead during an episode of migraine or a severe headache, the pain can lessen and even disappear.

Although multiple theories of migraine have been proposed, the current thinking is leading toward neurogenic trigeminovascular (TGVS) inflammation as the key factor, not vasoconstriction or vasodilation, as previously accepted. Given the complex nature of this disorder, several categories of migraines have been identified, and it is probably most likely that various therapies, or combinations of therapies will be needed for all these categories, with the PhysioCue solution being a major player in this area.

While it is understood that migraine is a complex disorder for which a unitary molecular explanation may be difficult, it appears that application of cold-tip therapy, via our PhysioCue therapy device, results in reduction of an inflammatory peptide known as Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), with cessation of further production of this peptide at the nerve endings, leading to mitigation of inflammation of nerve endings, resulting in mitigation of the migraine.

Our PhysioCue Migraine Therapy Device has a similar mechanism of action as the 2.0 Hypertension Reduction Therapy Device, and shows immediate results of migraine/headache relief.