Hypertension: Global Challenge & Solutions; Therapies and Treatments


Hypertension—or high blood pressure (HBP)--is a major world-wide healthcare challenge that affects more than 1 billion people and often leads to significant health-related problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney failure. HBP is known as “the silent killer.”
Current hypertension therapies have been dominated by drug therapies, but have also included lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, meditation and biofeedback. Attempts have also been made to develop invasive techniques to lower and control HBP, however, no one has yet produced a non-drug, non-invasive, hypertension reduction therapy technology that delivers sustainable results to lower high blood pressure.
PhysioCue has developed and is testing its unique PhysioCue 2.0 Blood Pressure Management technology and BP Biosensor Monitoring Device. This second-generation device follows the success of PhysioCue’s 1.0 proof-of-concept device that validated PhysioCue’s unique cold-tip and micro-vibration therapy for High Blood Pressure.


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