PhysioCue is a safe and effective non-drug treatment

Model Q3 is our next generation homecare therapy device.

Q3 is equipped with;

  • Hypertension therapy
  • Blood Pressure Measurement bio-sensor
  • Mobile application

Model Q3 is truly a complete solution in terms of treatment and monitoring of your high blood pressure by maintaining Model Q1 performance and employing our cutting edge bio-sensor technology with data sharing capability with your loved ones and any service providers per your choice.

and Safe


(One time investment)

No side-effects,
No pain

5 minutes a day

(Simple to use)

Portable &

No more cuff
2 thumbs in 30 sec

Personalized data
Mobile & Web App

Share data
in real-time


Records, analyses, and monitors the user's BP readings, collecting real time data from both
our Hypertension Therapy and BP Monitoring Device and stand-alone BP Monitoring Device.

Daily measurement

Blood Pressure history

Selectable BP Data
to share via text, email, and etc


Treatment Mode

5 minutes of therapy every day to lower your blood pressure

1. From the Ready Mode, press the Treatment button for the Treatment Mode.
2. The green will blink. Wait 1 minute for the tip to get cold enough for the treament.
3. After 1 min, the device will beep once, and blinking green will change into solid green to indicate that the device is ready for the treatment.
4. Place the Contacting Tip of the device on your carotid artery.
5. After 5 minutes' treatment, the device will beep twice to indicate that the treatment is completed.

Find your carotid artery on either side of the neck.

5~2" away from Adam's apple where you can feel the pulse

Turn it ON

Wait for solid green with beep

Apply the tip of the device to the artery

Enjoy 5 minutes therapy
(Auto off)

Biosensor Mode

Measure your blood pressure before and after therapy

1. From the Ready Mode, press the Biosensor Button to get into the Biosensor Mode.
2. Hold the device horizontally, as in the image below, with the biosensor facing up.
3. Place your thumbs gently on the electrodes.
4. It will take about 30 seconds to measure your blood pressure.
5. When your measurement data is ready, you will find your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and your heart rate data on the device display.
6. While you are holding the device with both thumbs on the biosensors, the measurement will continue.
7. When you are done with your BP measurement, turn the biosensor off by pressing the Biosensor button.