PhysioCue is a safe and effective non-drug treatment

PhysioCue's Hypertension Therapy Devices externally stimulates carotid baroreceptors, which are located within the carotid sinus in the neck, using our hand-held therapy device with our patented thermal neurostimulation.

Stimulation of the baroreceptors, at a precise temperature and duration, results in modulating the autonomic nervous system, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, and lowering the sympathetic drive, causing vasodilation and lowering of the heart rate.

The sum of these actions results in immediate lowering of blood pressure.

and Safe


(One time investment)

No side-effects,
No pain

5 minutes at a day

(Simple to use)

Portable &

HOW TO USE     user's manual

Find your carotid artery on either side of the neck.

1.5~2" away from Adam's apple where you can feel the pulse

Wait for solid green with beep

Apply the tip of the device to the artery

Enjoy 5 minutes therapy (Auto off)

Portable &

Reduction effect

In PhysioCue's proof-of-concept pilot clinical trial, in a panel of 120 patients over 68 days, all patients lowered their systolic BP. Especially, 80% of the patients lowered their systolic BPs more than 10mmHg, which is equivalent to antihypertension drugs.

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Residual effect

During the trial, a typical patient had a systolic BP of 176mmHg. After the patient's first 5-minute PhysioCue therapy session by day 61 days, BP dropped to 140mmHg. Furthermore, the patient's sustainable BP steadily remained with a total reduction of 36mmHg over 68 days.

   How does Q1 work?