PhysioCue is a safe and effective non-drug treatment

PhysioCue's Migraine & Headache Therapy Devices externally stimulates temples, which are located between the forehead and the ear on each side. Our patented thermal neurostimulation, at a precise temperature and duration, results in reduction and cessation of nerve ending inflammation, migraine and headache.

and Safe


(One time investment)

No side-effects,
No pain

5 minutes at a day

(Simple to use)

Portable &

HOW TO USE     user's manual

Find your temples on both side of your head.

The temple is on the side of the head behind the eye between the forehead and the ear.

Turn it ON

Wait for solid green with beep

Apply the tip of the device to the temple for 2~2.5 minutes

Repeat 2~2.5 minute therapy on the opposite side temple