PhysioCue Debuts First Two-Finger BP Biosensor Monitor

SUNNYVALE, CA―(August 8, 2016) ―The medical technology company, PhysioCue, Inc., has announced the creation of a unique, patented BP Biosensor that monitors a subject’s blood pressure, from just two fingers, in about 30 to 40 seconds. “No more blood pressure cuffs!”

This advance in patient monitoring uses PPG and EKG biosensors in a small device (about 2 x 3 inches) that fits in the user’s pocket. To monitor blood pressure, the user merely places both thumbs on the device, and, in about 30 seconds, BP and heart rate data will be recorded in the device and displayed, via Bluetooth® and the PhysioCue app, on the user’s smartphone.

PhysioCue’s BP Biosensor has been made possible through advances in PPG and EKG technology and proprietary algorithms that PhysioCue has developed. The BP Biosensor device should be commercially available in mid-2017.


About PhysioCue

PhysioCue is a medical technology company that is researching and developing several life science products that are improving quality of life, extending the life expectancy of consumers. In 2017, Physiocue will bring several non-invasive therapy devices to the market that will treat hypertension and migraine/headaches. PhysioCue will also introduce wearable devices that will help patients better monitor and manage their overall health and vital signs data using PhysioCue’s mobile application on their smartphones.


Contact:          Bruce Burlington, COO



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