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Is PhysioCue Q1 a substitute for prescribed anti-hypertensive medications?

No. Please make no changes to your prescribed medications without first discussing with your physician. Your PhysioCue device may, however, be used as an adjunct to your medications to augment to meet your blood pressure reduction target.

We have no reports of any negative side effects from use of the PhysioCue devices during many thousands of therapy applications.

Apply your index and second fingers to the site, and you will be able to feel your pulse. Your carotid artery is about two inches to the left or right of the midpoint of Adam’s apple.

You can use either side.

You may skip a day or so, but if you miss more than a day, your BP will start to return to its former levels. Ideally, you need to use it daily, for just 5 minutes, for the best sustainable results.

All of our data is based on 5 minutes per day (morning or early afternoon), and we would not recommend extending the time.

Any patients with known carotid artery stenosis of vascular disease should discuss the use of this device with their physician before using.

Initial effect has been observed to last 6 –8 hours after the initial applications but a cumulative effect has been observed where there is a “conditioning effect” seen starting from day 45 period where the effect is sustained for a 20 or better hour period such that a daily application of the device effectively controls blood pressure continuously with daily use.

No damage to the dermis has been shown in mice studies were performed to validate this concept nor in any of the 1,000s of recordings made to date.

This has not been observed in any of the 1,000s of applications performed to date.

No. Only very little pressure is necessary when using the device without too much force. You are using the device correctly as long as you can feel the coldness of the tip with vibration. No instances of syncope or dizziness have been reported in over 1,000 cases to date.

Very soon! We are applying for a Medical Insurance reimbursement code. A positive note: Our PhysioCue 2.0 device generally costs less than your cumulative insurer co-pays for medications.

We have applied for an FDA Class 2 (de novo) certification for our PhysioCue 2.0 device and subsequent PhysioCue devices.

Our PhysioCue 1.0 devices are made in the USA. Our PhysioCue 2.0 devices will also be manufactured in the U.S.